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When you arrive at a fork in the road, use it

on the road In the Belly


Going Vanywhere is on the hunt for great food, travel experiences and stories. In On the Road in the Belly we invite chefs and other food professionals in our van to show us around towns and regions across Europe.

Watch food inspired travel video's, check out tips by locals, read reviews and get hungry and inspired by delicious recipes!





Where is this place called Vanywhere? It can't be found on any map. No road sign points the way. It is our land of milk and honey, except that we don't drink milk and we don't eat honey. It is a metaphorical destination, a potentiality. If all goes well it will be a space and time for discovery, creativity, curiosity, learning and sharing. It can be anywhere really, but always in our van. Our van James.

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From the heart


The road is an inspiring place to live. Thysa and Wijnand each have their own way in transforming experiences, thoughts and emotions into something tangible. Check out Thysa's artwork, illustrations and goodies. Listen to Wijnand's songs and check out his photography.