Hunting in Amsterdam
with Eduard van Adrichem

Have you seen our video where we go hunting for duck and goose in Amsterdam with Eduard van Adrichem? This guy is a joy to watch. What a character! And he shows us how to hunt, how to fillet the duck, how to forage your own salad and how to flame grill. Click the button to read more about hunting in Amsterdam and get all the recipes!


The IAmsterdam letters before they were removed from the museumsquare in Amsterdam today. Photo: Wijnand Boon

The IAmsterdam letters in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam were removed on 3 December 2018. The iconic red and white sign that has been photographed millions of times by tourists and Amsterdammers alike since it was first put up doesn’t reflect the values that the current leading political party Groenlinks (Green left. red.) wants the city to stand for. The message is “too individualistic”.

The slogan was introduced in 2004 and is one of the few city marketing slogans in the world that really caught on. ‘I (heart) NY’ is the best known example of course, but Iamsterdam really has managed to become the symbol for the Dutch capital. And although the city has been struggling for some time with its growing numbers of tourists, Groenlinks stresses that the removal of the letters is not an intervention to try to curb this trend. Party leader Femke Roosma: “This meassure is about the soul of the Amsterdam”.

The fact that the local council is now ruling with ‘the soul’ of the city as its main concern is a worrisome development according to many Amsterdammers.