Double duckbreast with garlic and rosemary


This is probably one of the easiest ways to prepare duck. When we were still living in an apartment we would prepare this dish in a frying pan and then finish it off in the oven, but ever since we discovered what the smokey awesomeness of the bbq does, it’s hard to go back….

2 duck breasts
8 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 branch or rosemary
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooking string

Prepare your BBQ. Your coals must be grey and all moved to one side of your grill when hot.  

Lie your two duck breasts skin down on a plate and salt and pepper the meat. Peel and mince your garlic cloves. (As a variation you can use roasted garlic cloves, it works great and creates an even sweeter flavor.) Now place all of your minced garlic on one of the breasts together with a branch of rosemary. Lay the other breast on top of the minced garlic covered breast so that the skin sides are both facing outwards.

Now bind your two pieces of duck together with cooking string and salt and pepper the outside.

Place your little bundle of duck on the side of the BBQ without coals and cover with a lid. After about 7 minutes on one side flip the duck and cover again. Repeat this circle (but now with 6 minutes) one more time before removing the duck and covering it in aluminium foil to allow it to rest for a few minutes.


Serve with a nice glass of red wine and a green salad.