One month on the road


Honestly I had no idea how I would feel on the road before we left the Netherlands, of course I had hopes and dreams, but I tried to leave my expectations behind. We have been travelling now for over a month and I am starting to get a hang of being a full-time nomad.

I was looking forward to having more time meeting people, but in this past month it feels like this has been the main thing we have done. Friends of mine, friends of Wijnand, chefs and other culinary professionals and after having worked a 9 to 5 for over 7 years, realising that #vanlife is about time for myself, is utterly confusing to my overworked mind. It is hard for my brain to stop planning, let go and go with the flow. I still have that feeling that I will have to return to the office on monday.

Up to now Going Vanywhere has been taking up all the space in my mind. Where will we sleep? Where will we drive to next? Is everything alright with the car? Are we posting enough content? How will we find the next chef to work with?

During this month of filling my mind with all of the questions above it has been hard for me to quiet down. I left my job in Amsterdam to spend more time creating art and cooking amazing dishes. And while Wijnand is finding time in between all of the prepping, organising and being social to edit our video’s I have found it difficult to focus on myself and create.

Christmas is now over and with the new year coming up I have my resolutions for 2018 ready. This past month has been incredible, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have learned so much, and with this new knowledge in mind I am super excited and ready to channel my energy towards my biggest passions making art and cooking like crazy.

Happy new year!