Two weeks till lift off to #vanlife


You know that feeling when your are in between jumping for joy and bursting into tears? That is exactly where I stand right now. With only two weeks left on our count down to take off I am shitting my pants.



After planning, and dreaming for over 14 months, the moment of dreams finally turning into reality is so very close. It’s like the feeling of needing to pee really badly, you can hold it in for a long time but the moment you have your hand on the bathroom door there is almost no holding back. You need to go now!

During this whole process of dreaming of a van, buying a van, it breaking down, fixing up the van, finding a leak in the van, removing the floor and rebuilding from “scratch”… there is one really big lesson I have learned.

Don’t spend too much time creating expectations, it will not happen the way you’ve planned it.

As a born planner and anticipator, this was a really hard lesson to learn. I have spent countless sleepless nights or waking up drenched in sweat, worrying. Worrying about what we needed to do, what we had not yet done, what will come and what we could have done differently. I am not ashamed to say I have cried at numerous occasions because, honestly, not being in control of a situation and “letting the universe do it’s magic” scares the shit out of me.

Our to-do list is slowly melting like snow in spring sun, the top layers go off first leaving only the hard frozen bits exposed. My ice-block was the whole administration part of this journey. What do we do with taxes, where do we get the best insurance coverage…. these last few weeks we have overcome all of these fears. Shovelling away the hard bits of ice to clear our road to departure.

The road ahead now looks pretty damn smooth…