Always another horizon to explore, and another one, and another one.
We had no way of knowing where we would end up when we set out in our van James two years ago. We knew we wanted more time to be creative and more opportunities to explore and we worked hard to achieve that.
We are settling down again now, but only because we found the perfect spot to give other artists the time and opportunity to work and explore. It feels like we've come full circle.
We will keep on exploring in our van James and make cooking video's. But there is a whole lot of house building and renovating going on as well.
#vanywhere is in the south of Spain.
#artistinresidence #costatropical #vanlife

Where is this place called Vanywhere? It can't be found on any map. No road sign points the way. It is our land of milk and honey, except that we don't drink milk and we don't eat honey.

Vanywhere is a metaphorical destination, a potentiality. If all goes well it will be a space and time for discovery, creativity, curiosity, learning and sharing. It can be anywhere really, but always in our van. Our van James.

On this page we share the behind the scenes stories of On the Road and In the Belly, Thysa's cutouts and illustrations, but also pictures of our journey and tips and discoveries from the road.


Not half as cool as Snoop and McConaughey, but every band of gypsies thinks alike... This is us cruising on Spanish back roads singing On the road again. How cool would it be to have people around the world singing this while commuting to work or doing groceries.