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Nick Fudge

Nick Fudge

Nick Fudge

We are proud to announce that Nick Fudge will be exhibiting some of his latest work with us on August 3!

"Fudge studied at Goldsmiths College, London, as a member of the YBA (Young British Artists) generation along with Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Liam Gillick, Gary Hume, and Michael Landy. For the twenty-five years that Fudge remained in self-imposed exile from the art world, he made and kept his ongoing work in secret, showing his paintings and digital works to only a few other artists and close friends."

We met Nick in Orgiva a couple of weeks ago and he liked what we are trying to set up here in Polopos. A week later we gave him a tour around the village and he decided to join us. He is now living and painting in Polopos.

Nick will be exhibiting 12 paintings at Casa 3 during the Pop-up Polopos art walk.


¡Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que Nick Fudge exhibirá algunos de sus últimos trabajos con nosotros el 3 de agosto!

"Fudge estudió en Goldsmiths College, Londres, como miembro de la generación YBA (Young British Artists) junto con Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Liam Gillick, Gary Hume y Michael Landy. Durante los veinticinco años que Fudge permaneció en el exilio autoimpuesto del mundo del arte, hizo y mantuvo en secreto su trabajo en curso, mostrando sus pinturas y obras digitales a solo algunos otros artistas y amigos cercanos".

Conocimos a Nick en Orgiva hace dos meses y le gustó lo que estamos tratando de configurar aquí en Polopos. Una semana después, le dimos una vuelta por el pueblo y él decidió unirse a nosotros aquí. Ahora vive y pinta en Polopos.

Nick exhibirá 12 pinturas en Casa 3 durante el paseo del arte Pop-up Polopos.

Spanish garden, 43cm x 37cm

Spanish garden, 43cm x 37cm

Hillary Barmby

Hilly Barmby is predominantly a watercolour artist, but has also experimented with acrylics and she loves to work in mixed-media. She is spellbound by the landscapes and flora of her new Spanish life but is branching into larger, abstract canvases. She also dabbles in ceramics, photography and jewellery making.

Having painted and drawn from a very young age, she went on to attend Rochester College of Art to experience a wonderful Foundation Course, which led onto a degree course in Graphic Design at Central School of Art and Design in London.

After her degree course, Hilly went on a woodworking course to make furniture. Combining her art and woodworking skills, she got a stall at Covent garden Craft Market to sell hand-made chess and backgammon sets. Finally, a Design Technology teacher for fifteen years, Hilly gave it all up to move to Órgiva.

As well as painting, Hilly writes. She is only truly happy when she is creating something.

Sculpture, 110 W x 220 H x 100 cm

Sculpture, 110 W x 220 H x 100 cm

Stefan van der Ende


1979-1984 Akademie voor beeldende vorming Amersfoort netherlands

My sculptures are Solutions for Non/existing Problems .
Now is the time to collect them.
They are rare and unique ,and there are not many of them, also due to the big amount of time it takes to make the bigger-ones in wood and stone .
They are made dreaming/thinking and working intensively, whith the intention to be able communicate emotion through their abstract/associative visual appearence which relate to subconcious processes in the human mind. (especially mine ofcourse )
There are often more pictures of one sculpture, because, as you know you have to see sculptures from more sides , to get a good impression .

Mijn sculpturen zijn oplossingen voor niet /bestaande problemen .
het is nu de tijde om ze te gaan verzamelen
Ze zijn zeldzaam en speciaal , en er zijn er niet zoveel te koop , ook als gevolg van het feit dat het een grote hoeveelheid tijd kost om ze te maken (speciaal die in hout en steen) Ze worden gemaakt in een intensief proces van denken dromen en werken .
Met het doel uiteindelijk via hun abstract/associatieve visuele aanwezigheid emoties via abstracte vorm te communiceren via de interpreatie van de beschouwer .door het raken van onderbewuste oude lagen in de menselijke geest , de betekenis en duiding van vormen en beelden in ons onderbewuste word als het ware door elkaar geschud en weer in elkaar gezet in het brein .


Johanne Nordstrand

I have been painting since 1985 The last 3 years very intense again , here in my studio on our Cortijo just south of the Sierra nevada Andalucia surrounded by silence ,quiet space and wonderfull views .


Yvonne Hallmans

In the 90´s I graduated in photography from the Academy of Art in The Hague. I then started to travel to enjoy and capture the beauty of the world. I was especially attracted to the people and the colours of every country I visited. Every portrait tells a story and allows us to catch a glimpse of a different lifestyle. The photos were published by several magazines. In Holland I also worked for varios companies making portraits.

In 2005 I left Holland to start a new life in Spain in the beautiful Alpujarra region. Here I became more and more inspired by nature and its changes; I try to take natural moments that seem unreal when captured in the photos.

My pictures go around the world via expositions, art markets, internet and postcards.

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Louisa Swan

Born in London 1962.

Lou's first memories of photography are at age nine with her father and a Kodak instamatic camera. From early teenage to the present day Lou has always had her camera(s) within easy reach, if not constantly in her grasp, wherever she has been in the world. She has always preferred the inanimate, sited within an environment of light and freedom.

Her work has spanned many decades from an early enthusiasm assisting a local news and wedding photographer to the heady heights of her commercial studio shooting catalogues, cars, kitchens and everything inbetween. All the while collecting and colating ideas and images, and constantly adding to her diverse portfolio. To date she has not exhibited her work. Photography has provided her with a portal allowing the creation and illustration of essential ideas in a sometimes gentle and sometimes shocking manner.

She has recently been examining the world of fractals and eternal patterns, potentially for use in clothing, furnishings, paper, glass and metals. In short, everything that can be printed into or on to she aims to print on to or in to or …eventually … An abiding fascination throughout her life has been creating the perfect optical illusion, fooling the eye. This, coupled with a love of shadow, light, dark and texture with her innate recognition of the fragile tactility inherent in the planet's nature has provided her an eternal platform replete with ever changing subjects. Thus Lou delights in using shadow and reflection to explore and manipulate the shapes and textures of specific pieces.

Whilst an avid disciple of the Bohemian lifestyle, in short a bit of a party girl, Lou guards her freedoms and solitary spaces almost jealously. Having lived in city, town, village, ocean and remote countryside, Lou now resides happily at seventeen hundred metres above sea level on the sunny side of a Spanish mountain. Nearest neighbors some kilometers away, near enough to call in an emergency and far enough not to be a constant distraction from her life and work.

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Papercutout, 65cm x 34cm

Papercutout, 65cm x 34cm

Thysa Zevenbergen, Thysart

I studied fine arts at the AHK (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten), where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Education. During the four years of my studies I had the opportunity to spend a semester at Pratt Institute of the Arts in Brooklyn, New York. Here I improved my skills as an artist, spending as much time as possible in the painting studios and enjoying rooftop evenings in Williamsburg.

After finishing art school in Amsterdam I spent half a year in London visiting galleries and building my portfolio before returning to the Venice of the north. It is after my London period that I started making cutouts. I was ready for a change, and “old-fashioned” oil painting that I was doing at the time no longer seemed the appropriate technique to represent my inner thoughts. So I started cutting out birds out of paper, loads of birds. This new technique helped me rediscover myself and lead me to fly back to whom I was.

Every airy cut in the paper I make to create a bird is hand drawn, I do not set up my cuts with pencil, my work is direct and from the heart. At first I was shy and still searching so I started off small, and as I continued to develop myself, my birds flew higher and wider than ever before. As time passed my birds grew in size, beauty and complexity. No feather is the same, every cut is unique.

Lena Lewis-King

I'm interested in using filmmaking as an artistic tool, in order to combine as many mediums as it allows for. Painting, drawing, animation, moving image, installation, digital illustration, music, sound design, and photography hold equal importance within my developing creative practice. Within this website you'll find projects I'm currently working on, alongside a collection of visual art, writing, and photography.

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Myriam 'Vela Blanca' Jiménez

Myriam Vela es una artista almeriense que ha recorrido casi toda Europa, puesto que ha vivido en Londres, Florencia, París, Viena, Lisboa o Madrid, pero que siempre ha sentido una devoción especial por la mágica luz del Mar Mediterráneo y, más especialmente, en el Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata.



Michael D. Housewright

Photographer - Video Producer

Michael D Housewright is one of the leading photographers and video producers in the Wine and Spirits Industry. His work is regularly featured in top-tier publications like Wine Enthusiast and The Purely Domestic Wine Report. With over twenty years tasting and selling fine wine Michael has a creative insight into the vision of his clients that few other photographers can express. The artist's beautiful and rare prints adorn the walls of some of the most innovative tasting rooms in the world. Michael accepts commission pieces and travel assignments.


Marilyn Fox

Marilyn worked for many years as a qualified Holistic Therapist, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master, which took up the majority of her time as working is apt to do. However, art in it’s various forms, has always been a major part of Marilyn’s life and thinking. In fact having used “being an artist” as her main excuse for her untidiness, most of her life, she felt it only right that she actually begin to build a body of work!

Over the years Marilyn has enjoyed exploring different areas of her artistic nature, expressing her inner world as a singer songwriter, burlesque and free-form dancer and even with her choice of clothing in the past. She has experimented using a variety of materials including glass paint, stained glass, bead work, textiles and even face-paint, whilst in the 2D visual arena using pen and pencil, pastels, watercolours and acrylics.

More recently alongside revisiting her passion for music, learning the Double Bass, singing and songwriting, Marilyn is interested in exploring colour. She enjoys acrylics’ ease of use and brightness. Beginning with flowers she soon moved away from form altogether into a more abstract \ impressionistic style, for the time being at least.

If you asked Marilyn what her greatest achievements were, she’d say staying alive, having her son, marrying her husband, passing her driving test and singing in public, but she’d also tell you that remaining capable of openness, gentleness and kindness in a world rife with harshness is one of her all-time greats.

Marilyn Fox is originally from England but moved to Wales at 19 and lived there for 24 years, where she met her husband James and had her son Troy. She now lives in the Alpujarras and is enjoying the beautiful mountains, the Spanish hospitality, the challenges of learning a new language as well as, of course, the sunshine. She is particularly inspired by Orgiva with it’s eclectic mix of people, languages and outlooks. She is pleased to have found some kindred spirits in the ANA group and is finally ready to get stuck in to her art and exhibit her work.

She has had no formal training but sees this as a challenge to be met rather than a hinderance.

“Art is the Universal language that connects us” – Marilyn Fox.

Wes Somerville

Artist Wes Somerville was born in Canada and has lived in Spain for 25 years. He makes conceptual experiential art, which he sees as an evolving window for growth.

Wes says of his work, “Allowing new arrangements of light, colour and sound to form, is a method of allowing new frequencies of thought, music and being to take root.”

Wes is also a chef, where he finds his creative satisfaction as well.

Icarus sculpture, Back – 70 x 50 x 20cm. Wings: 2.5m long

Icarus sculpture, Back – 70 x 50 x 20cm. Wings: 2.5m long

Emma Plunkett

Emma Plunkett is British born and educated. First of all, she is an artist, independent filmmaker, and designer. In addition to this, Emma’s art has branched out over the years to include clay sculptures, cyanotype prints, watercolours, oil paintings, poetry, photographic montages, video art, illustrations, and vector designs. Emma is technically minded and passionately creative. She is primarily interested in portraying form and composition with clarity, whatever the medium.

"Estío en amarillo", Oil painting, 92cm x 60cm

"Estío en amarillo", Oil painting, 92cm x 60cm

Sandra Álvarez Muñoz

New adventure, 1m x 1m

New adventure, 1m x 1m

Maryse Alen

Maryse Alen was born in Olen in Belgium. As a child, she spent many hours in the painting studio of her grandfather, who was a landscape artist. She was fascinated by the colours and their magical action on the canvas. One day, she made her first painting. Without giving it any thought, she simply selected the colours that called to her and started playing with light and form and colour. She let develop spontaneously what wanted to be born.

The world of colours was already well known to her for a special reason. Being born with a heart defect, she frequently found herself in an inner cosmos of colour when her heart forgot to make contact From very early on, painting became a way to express this space by uniting colour with light. She studied fine Art in Belgium and although she gained much in knowledge and skill, she realized this was not the way she had to follow. Painting was so much more for her: as essential as eating or drinking. She couldn’t not paint!

At the age of 31, a diagnosis of her heart condition was at last made. Following heart surgery, her disappearing into the magical world of colours came to an end. Even if her internal colours remained strong and vivid in her paintings, the loss was very great.

Then, though, came a phase in which her paintings taught her how to learn to truly live, rather than just survive. After this inner journeying, she ended up in Australia, where she landed with both feet firmly on the ground. She climbed the sacred ancient mountain of Gulaga. For the Aboriginal Australians, Gulaga means Come Home the mountain calls you, to come home inside yourself, inside your inner nature, using nature itself. From that moment she became aware of nature and of the creative power everywhere and deep in ourselves. A year later she discovered Vedic Art and travelled to Sweden. Here she "came home". The circle was complete.

Art and Life merged, becoming Life-Art. She started to teach Vedic Art in Kasterlee, Belgium and became coordinator for Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Supernova ( Rosa  sp.) 56cm x 76 cm

Supernova (Rosa sp.) 56cm x 76 cm

Jessica Rosemary Shepherd, Inky leaves

Jessica R. Shepherd is a British artist, publisher and botanist. Collaborating with scientists and artists across the world, Jessica’s projects consider our place on Earth in the context of time.

Predominantly a painter, Jessica plays with light and scale to create intimate, poetic engagements between people and their natural environment. She combines her Romantic sensibility with a botanist’s eye, making works that bring us closer to the mystical, the irrational and the sublime.

Around her creative axis spin ideas about longing and desire, being lost or overly confined, which are concurrent with the ridiculously mundane trivia of the everyday. Her time devoted to a Masters’ degree in science has allowed Jessica to be able to blend this more logical, rigid understanding of the world with that of the mythological; crossing boundaries and producing works that are more holistic and poetic in their approach.

Often described as a botanical painter, Jessica also works on a number of other projects outside the realm of flowers. She is a writer, publisher and curator. She travels widely, collaborating with institutions, artists and scientists around the world in their work.

Jessica R. Shepherd has exhibited internationally, from UK to Russia, Spain to Australia, and her works have been included in major exhibitions including The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, The National Botanic Garden, Dublin and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. She was winner of the Eden Prize in 2006, is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and was elected a member of Chelsea Arts Club in 2017.

Natuurabstractie, 70cm x 50cm

Natuurabstractie, 70cm x 50cm

Beatrice Joya

Alles wat ik probeer te zeggen over hoe en waarom ik schilder vraagt om andere woorden, en alles lijkt even paradoxaal. B.v.:Ik verlang ernaar om het werk minder indivualistisch te laten zijn, meer in de wereld, met de wereld, en anderzijds onafhankelijk en juist heel individueel. Ik verlang naar openheid en delen. Naar het totaal durven zijn en ervaren. alle uitingsvormen zijn spiegels van de weg er naartoe. Laten we mekaar dan niet veroordelen maar ondersteunen. Inspiratie komt en gaat, er zijn periodes van bevlogenheid waarin alles stroomt en vanzelf gaat, en soms is het rust en broeden . Kracht is daar waar alles mag zijn.

'Alles wat gecreeerd wordt, of het nu muziek of schrijf of -schilderkunst, dans, wetenschappelijke ontdekkingen of wat dan ook, is onderdeel van de totaliteit van het functioneren van de manifestatie, en wie de schepper is van zo'n creatie is in wezen niet relevant.'  Nisargadatta.



Michael Alexander

Michael would say that he was born an artist. However, his long and varied career has included working not only as a sculptor, but as a cattleman, shepherd and as a landscape architect.

Michael was born in southern England and was christened Charles Gilmour Alexander.

Michael’s DNA is 99% Scottish. Unlike his name, this has not changed over time. The DNA result was no surprise to him considering his mother, a Mitchell, was born in Glasgow and his father’s family were Alexanders from Aberdeen - all migrants, as in the case of many Scots. Michael  continued the migrant tradition by living and working for extended periods in Australia and the USA, followed by southern Spain, where he currently lives with his holistic physical therapist wife, Beata Thana.

 If asked the question, "why does art matter", Michael would quote the painter Sean Skully, who said: "never underestimate the cultural power of an artist.” This statement is reinforced by the fact that artists are frequently the first people to be shot by totalitarian regimes!

"Dabbling in non-duality" , Mixed media, 60cm x81 cm (25P), 2019

"Dabbling in non-duality" , Mixed media, 60cm x81 cm (25P), 2019

Armelle Boussidan

My artwork is based on the moment; it is instinctive, intuitive, intimate and experimental. My painting is abstract and organic and mostly based on acrylic paint on canvas, although I integrate a lot of natural elements in my paintings, such as sand and clay, to build texture and vibration. My works are the translation and channeling of energies and states of consciousness with as little intervention of the mind as possible. I am close to visionary art, depicting hidden places in our consciousness. My paintings are always the result of a given energy, that I do not try to control, but to the contrary, preserve, in its authenticity. I paint landscapes of the soul, even though nature is an infinite source of inspiration for me.

Tequila sunrise, 80cm x 60cm

Tequila sunrise, 80cm x 60cm

Fred Shively

Born several decades ago in Easton, Pennsylvania USA, Fred's trajectory has taken him through college, the military, the advertising and corporate communications industries and several countries. Working as a creative director with some great talents in tv, film, music and photography both honed his skills and whetted his appetite particularly for the visual arts.

Since 2002 Fred and his writer partner Arpi Armenakian Shively have lived in Spain, first in the Alpujarras, then Malaga city and now, once again in the Alpujarras. Specifically Orgiva. During this time Fred has had several solo exhibitions in Granada at the Toro Gallery.

Fred is now a member of the Artists Network Alpujarra and has exhibited with that group in shows in Orgiva and Velez de Benaudalla.

Fred continues to make images and has several more book projects planned.


Fred Shively nacio en Easton, Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos en 1942. Despues de estudiar periodismo radial y televiso en la univeridad, se traslado al Reino Unido inicio una larga carrera en publicidad y communicaciones corporativas.

Su trabajo con destacados disenadores, fotografos, musicos y cineasteas ha dado forma a su talento y vision creativa y alimentado su curiosidad. En la busqueda de nuevas ideas, Fred asistio a los renombrados talleres fotograficos de Maine en el Rockport College en EEUU.

Su inspiracion deriva de la obra de fotografos y artistas entre los que se cuentan Robert Frank, Charles Sheeler, Cartier-Bresson, Kandinsky, Klimt, Schiele y mucho mas.

Habiendo trabajado principalmente en blanco y negro, Fred esta actualmente explorando el potencial de la fotografia color manipulada digitalmente como forma expresionismo abstracto.

Fred es miembro de la Artists Network Alpujarra en Andalusia, Espana. Su trabajo ha sido expuesto alli en varias galerias en EEUU y Espana y en diversas revistas y publicaciones.

Ademas, Fred y su colega Paul Kelly han creado publicado recientemente un libro de fotografia que documenta su exploracion de la cultura cafe en los Balcanes. 'Balkan Caffeination' - se puede encontrar una revista fotografica con cafeina en Amazon.

60cm x 80cm

60cm x 80cm

Gareth Lister

Gareth Lister was born in York, England where he spent his childhood. After moving to London aged 18 he completed a degree in fine art with a specialism in painting at Chelsea college of art, following this up with an M.A. at the same college a few years later. He now lives and works in Andalucia at the entrance to the Alpujarras high above the spa town of Lanjaron, Spain.

He has exhibited in a variety of shows throughout the United Kingdom and his work is in several collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and Australia. While living in Spain he has curated a number of exhibitions both large and small, indeed Spain has brought on a new impetus and desire to make work.

His paintings can be sensuous, luminous and often beautiful. If there is a narrative it is contingent, like a stopping point in a dream, often intriguing, but ambiguous. Some of his paintings are formed slowly, over many years. Layer upon layer, each new layer covering or breaking the previous. This creates a visible history to the work that can appear faded and remote.

When discussing his work he can be reticent, but his imagery is often parts of figures, landscapes, sometimes micro-detail, the natural world. The kind of banality that skirts the everyday, muddled emotions, sadness and quite often humour.

He says of his paintings; “The end can often bear no relation to the beginning and I like that.”

56cm x 64cm

56cm x 64cm

Nikki Gibbs

The magic of the camera and the power of the photographic image has fired my imagination since childhood.

I began working as a photographers’ assistant in the ‘80s and launched out as a freelance photographer 5 years later. I took on many varied commissions for design groups, advertising agencies and publishers. I specialised in photographing for charity campaigns, which included Shelter, NSPCC, Sense and Macmillan.

In 2011 I graduated with a first class honours degree in Photography at the University of Westminster, during which time I completed a body of work of landscape images to describe vulnerability, uncertainty and isolation.

‘Out of Darkness’ consists of two triptychs depicting an internal landscape mirrored by the awesome power of nature. I wanted to convey the heightened sensual awareness experienced by photographing the sea at night. This is a timeless place of escape where the imagination can run wild and where we are vulnerable to anything happening. I am strongly influenced by the Romantic tradition and concepts of the Sublime, powerfully depicted in the paintings of Casper David Friedrich, J.M.W. Turner and Mark Rothko. In this work, the sea acts as a metaphor for the emotions endured when overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and panic. The strong sense of foreboding, building into a sense of disorientation, lack of control and loss of self are expressed through the untameable power of the sea.

More recent work entitled 'Wildfires' depicts the aftermath of a fire that ravaged National Parkland close to where I live in southern Spain. This was recently exhibited at the Rag Factory as a Peg collective collaboration.

'Greenhouse' is an ongoing project.