I spent the first few years of my life in the Netherlands when just after my fifth birthday I moved with my parents and two brothers to the United States. Here I spent four years rollerblading, playing hide and seek and bobbing for apples on a dead-end street when the news came that we were moving again. We headed back to the old country, this time to the suburbs of Paris.

Surrounded by French culture I discovered my passion for great cuisine and the fine arts. After graduation, I took a gap year in Bologna, Italy where I learned how to make every type of pasta from scratch and while doing so I learned the language. Filled with great stories and recipes I moved to Amsterdam to study fine arts and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Education. During the four years of my studies, I had the opportunity to spend a semester at Pratt Institute of the Arts in Brooklyn, New York. Here I improved my skills as an artist, spending as much time as possible in the painting studios, tasting street food and enjoying rooftop evenings in Williamsburg.

After finishing art school in Amsterdam I started cutting out birds out of paper, loads of birds. I started off small, and as I continued to develop myself, my birds grew in size, beauty and complexity. Wanting to challenge myself I wondered what else I could do with my trusted x-acto knife. That is when, with the support of a friend, I decided to write and illustrate a short story called “Going Anywhere”. The story of Foxy, a young fox in search of happiness traveling through lands unknown in search of a magical place called “Anywhere”, where it is said she will find true happiness.

I am currently living and working out of my 1980 Mercedes campervan living a nomad life finding happiness going (v)anywhere.