Between September 2010 and September 2013 Wijnand walked 8000 kilometers through fourteen European countries, from his hometown Leiden in the Netherlands to Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Istanbul. He found all his meals and places to sleep by using social media. He was hosted by over three hundred families.

Here you'll find all the blogs Wijnand wrote for his website during his walk through Europe, video's, music, newspaper articles and a selection of photographs from his journey.

Twalk With Me route 8000 kilometers




Shot by travel YouTubers Mark and Alex a.k.a the Vagabrothers in Amsterdam.

We travel to Amsterdam to hang out with Kelvin and Peter from Cinemates and our good friend Wijnand Boon - a legendary Dutch traveler who walked for three years from Amsterdam to Istanbul via Spain! 

German-French cultural television channel ARTE followed Wijnand for three days walking in the north of Spain.

The report of this visit starts around 3:43 minutes.

Shot by videographer Pablo Apiolazza who hosted Wijnand in Trieste, Italy.

In a world where violence and deception are the news, fear and distrust divide us more and more each day. Yet friendships are sealed online with the click of a button. One man set out to reach beyond the screen, and to prove how social networks can be used to unite and overcome our problems and fears.