The sound of silence...


True, I have my moments of worry that my body will at some point throw the towel and say, the hell with it, I am not taking a single step more. I have learned to listen to it better though and the fear ofeing overtaken by winter does not prevent me from taking a day of to rest and recover. I am determined to make it. 

Also the people that are so kind to invite me into their home and often trust me enough to let me sleep after they have gone off to work, are never cause for any doubts about my undertaking. Sure, there are times that I think a moment for myself would be bliss, but not out of a desire to be left alone. I have more than enough time with myself during the day, walking the streets as a solitary drifter.

My single, and only real frustration, comes from the realization that I don't have the time to write about my encounters, my experiences on the road, and my thoughts. I can't write when I'm walking, except for the occasional notes I put down in my tiny Moleskine, and I feel obligated to give my hosts the proper attention when I sit myself down at their dinner table. After a day of physical and mental exercise - speaking mostly French, which is a language I did not speak before I entered this beautiful country - I have just enough energy left to select and upload the photographic impressions of the day, and often not even that.

I do appologise therefor, to everyone so interested that they check my website regularly and continuously find the same two cows staring back at them. I hope to tackle this problem soon. My only hope is that you are enjoying my photographs enough to stay interested in my journey. I promise to write as often as I can and inform you of the wonderful people I meet and places I visit, all thanks to this great invention that is called social media. It is a unique experience!

Wijnand Boon