As long as we beat the English


Walking from Penas Negras to Antas to meet my host Diego I stranded in Turre. I had planned to walk the forty kilometers in one day, but I hadn't counted on the mountains that covered thirty of them. Turre is about ten kilometers from Antas and when I arrived there at seven in the evening the sun was already down. Since the tourist season isn't in swing yet the hotels and hostels in Turre weren't in operation yet. With night temperatures dropping to two degrees Celsius I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in my tent that evening, so when I saw an English bar across the street I decided to check it out for some information or maybe even a place to crash, old fashioned way. And I got lucky.

The Scottish bar lady and her two male and one female customers at the bar turned out to be more than welcoming. Before I walked out of the bar I found a bed in the caravan of Ralf (picture above) and was not allowed to pay for my beer. Ralph has been living in Turre for some years, at first with his late wife who unfortunately passed away too soon, now alone and contemplating what to do next and where to go. With a Welsh rugby shirt on it wasn't hard to guess where his roots are and who he wished getting their asses kicked most in the Six Nations Championship. In case you don't know it, this is the Welsh rugby anthem:

We don't wanna be,
Your enemy,
But when we're on the field,
It's red, white and green,

Got beat by the Irish,
Got beat by the Scots,
The French had a struggle,
But you're the one we want,
We want...

As long as we beat the English,
As long as we beat the English,
As long as we beat the English, we don't care

Thanks again Ralph, loved the Whiskey, the talk and the music sharing!

Wijnand Boon