The Flying Dutchman


You start on a walking journey and find yourself flying all the time... I hadn't expected this, because my plan was to keep on walking till the end of the line and then fly or drive or hitchhike back to the Netherlands, but last week I had to board a plane for the fifth and sixth time in the last year and a half. This time, because my wonderful grandmother passed away at the respectable age of 95, and I wanted to say goodbye to her in person.

I would only be in the Netherlands for three days, so I decided not to share my short visit with you up front. There simply was no time to meet anyone but family and I thought it best not to say anything. So if you were wondering if I was lost in the woods or lying on my back on the beach between the elderly in Benidorm, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you nor my mission. I am back on the road and will have that Paella how-to pictorial ready for you asap!


Wijnand Boon