Reconquista my agua


"Can I have some water ?" 

"Uhmm, I still have to walk 30 kilometers and you are sitting behind the wheel of a car.. so no." 

"Please, I am really thirsty."

Is there some weird Moroccan tradition that I never heard of ? I decide my and his Spanish probably aren't good enough to talk our way out of this somewhat surreal encounter so I start for my canteen with water...

"Looking for this ?"

Grinning from ear to ear, his two friends beside and behind him teaming up for a feast of smiles, the driver hands me my canteen. Boy, was I glad that I decided to give this man a sip of water even though it seemed so absurd ! I had left the bottle hanging on the fence at a well where I refilled it. Regrouping my guitar and tent, hanging from the outside of my cart, I completely forgot about it. 

The men in the car had driven two kilometers to get it back to me so I thank the driver extensively and apologize for his trouble. At the same time I notice that the bottle cap is missing. Within seconds I see two Moroccan behinds sticking out of the car, putting their noses between the seats, but to no avail. They decide that one of the kids at the playground, where the well was, might have unscrewed it. It is definitely not in the car... And again they turn around and search the car. I tell them to stop looking; that I am already very happy with the water and that I will find another way to seal it. After more thank you’s and apologies they start the car and return to Miravet. I take a long sip from the canteen and continue walking with a big smile on my face.

The village Miravet and castle, next to the Ebro river

You probably guessed it, but within fifteen minutes I hear a honk behind me. I turn around and see my new friend victoriously holding his hand in the air through the window of his car, holding the cap between his fingers. They found it at the playground and road another three kilometers to rejoin cap, canteen and me. They didn't fully understand why, but I just had to take their picture to be able to share this story with you.

On the picture at the beginning of this blog you see the driver on the left. The castle of Miravet, the village where I forgot my canteen is in the background in the middle. Both castle and village where founded by the Moors.

Salaam aleikum.

Wijnand Boon