Every Hello is a Goodbye


It is impossible to do a journey like this and not learn how to be without certain people. The first year on the road I would have days that I was experiencing minor forms of homesickness. Not only to my friends and family in the Netherlands, but also to people I met only one or two nights before, if we had an especially good connection. But without noticing when it happened exactly, I realized at some point that I stopped experiencing this. Whenever I felt this way, almost always, that same evening I would meet another person or another family that was equally wonderful, and I guess my brain stopped making a big deal out of it. Is homesickness or whatever you want to call it then not an emotion? Is it the result of certain modes of thinking? Now there is something to think about, and I will in due time. 

But it is reassuring to find that my love for people in general, and the ones closest to me especially, is not diminished in any way. I have found that loving someone has very little to do with the anxiety that can come from not having them around. This makes goodbye's far less stressful and emotional. And so I dare to say that the following video is not a sad song. Every hello is a goodbye waiting to happen... But if we so choose, there is always the possibility to go back and say hello again.

Wijnand Boon