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The pussy trap, doggy style. Who's your daddy!

It was only a matter of time before I would get hooked on a woman somewhere. But I never imagined her stretched out on my cart while I walked on. In my dreams she was never hairy all over either, and she wouldn't garbage her food down in a second either. But hey, I'm a homeless person and beggars can't be choosers. So here I go, walking over hills and through valleys with a puppy barking at me when she needs to go wee wee. I shouldn't complain, at least she is cart broken, but it is hardly romantic.

Putnik makes up for her eating habits and her impatient cart surfing manners in cuteness though, as the video below will show. She isn't really an easy rider, but her ride sure is easy. And I think she doesn't have much to complain about given the fact that I literally picked her up off the street. I'll take that lick in the face in the morning as a token of gratitude. 

She doesn't make it easier for me to continue my journey. I think I have heard said once that all women are impractical. Not my words and actually her being a dog is much more impractical in this part of Europe. They are regarded only slightly higher than pigs or cows, but really the only reason I have for saying that is that they don't eat them. For someone who is brought up with dogs and cats being part of the family this is sometimes hard to imagine. But that goes both ways. They look at me like I am an oversensitive mother at best, but plain weird most of the times. 

I don't care. We are a team now. Putnik lost her mother to the road, but the road also brought her to me. My mission for next week: teach her to bark when I say 'Who's your daddy!' ;)